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Poolcure is an ionic aqueous solution containing complex minerals i.e. Copper, Zinc, Gold, Silver, Aluminum, Manganese, iron, Nitrogen, Titanium and Nickel. NO Chlorine!


How does POOLCURE work?

Unlike Chlorine and Salt water Chlorinators, which generate sanitizing oxidizers (bleaching)/ oxygen radicals in the pool itself, POOLCURE works on the Algae and Bacteria at a cellular level and breaks down the cell walls. These “dead” cells are then collected (flocked) together and trapped in the filter.


Is POOLCURE healthy?

POOLCURE is odorless, and will not burn your eyes. POOLCURE is safe and non-toxic, when used at the recommended dilutions. Swimming can resume within minutes of dosing your pool, not like a Chlorine treated pool.


Can I Backwash my pool to my garden?

Yes, most definitely. POOLCURE is chemical free, and the backwash water may be used for irrigation.


How can I change to POOLCURE?

Know the size of your pool in liters (for calculating the amount of POOLCURE you will require).Make sure your filter sand is not older than 2years, (replace if necessary). Check that filter and creepy are working correctly. Check pH is between 7.0 & 7.2 (if higher than this, add pool acid). 1L of POOLCURE treats a 50 000L pool per month. We recommend a double dose the 1st time you start on POOLCURE.


What do I do if using a SALT CHLORINATER?

Switch it off and remove, then follow the steps for changing to POOLCURE.


Can I use BOREHOLE water in a POOLCURE pool?

Most definitely, depending on your water quality, you may need to treat your pool more often as borehole water may contain Black Algae, pathogens such as faecal coliforms, E.coli and heavy metals.


How long must the pump run?

The filter pump still needs to run between 6hrs and 8hrs per 24 hr periodfor 50 000L pool, and 10/12 hrs for 75 000L/100 000L pools.


Can POOLCURE stain my tiles and grouting?

YES, only if you have OVER DOSED the pool with POOLCURE. This will then slowly vanish as the POOLCURE is used up in the pool. To remove any Blue/Green marks faster, you may use pool acid more frequently, BUT remember to still keep the pH at 7.0 to 7.2.


What happens if I OVER DOSE my pool with POOLCURE?

You will get a build-up of the minerals salts on your tiles and grouting. People with very fair hair may see a green tinge to their hair (This is easily removed by washing hair in a weak water and vinegar solution). A white or very light coloured costume, may show some discoloration.


Does a POOLCURE pool require management?

YES. You need to make sure leaf traps are emptied, automated pool cleaners are working, Backwash/rinse filter once a week for 90seconds. MOST IMPORTANT IS pH MONITORING to keep it at 7.0 to 7.2


How long does POOLCURE last and are there additional costs?

POOLCURE should last 4-5 weeks, depending on usage, and topping up. Pool acid and test kit are an ongoing cost.

NO additional Algaecide’s will be required.


My pool has algae stains, will POOLCURE remove them?

POOLCURE will kill red, green and black algae, within a day or two. Thereafter it is important to brush the affected areas regularly until the stains and dead algae are removed. IMPORTANT: this may take a few months to remove the stains.


IS the copper dangerous to people?

NO, in the percentage dilution it is not harmful. Copper has been used for centuries as a natural biocide, and is an effective natural Bactericide, Fungicide and Algaecide. Copper is essential for HEALTHY skin, hair, bones and metabolism. Copper ions strengthen, repair and protect arteries, veins and the immune system. Copper is also known to assist in the prevention of arthritis.


IS there a limit to the size of pool?

NO, the only factor for dosing then would be the number of users in the larger commercial size pools, and the rate of water loses.


Can POOLCURE be used in any type of pool?

YES, provided dosing instructions are followed and that there is some form of filtration/pump system.


Why is the pump and filter system so important?

A good filter system is important for any water sanitation. This is to ensure the removal of any organic waste and suspended solids in the water. POOLCURE, unlike Chlorine, is not a bleaching agent (this can hide the amount of waste still in the water).


Can POOLCURE be used with solar heater pools?

YES, as long as the water circulation and circulation times are not effected.

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