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When you call on us for an estimate, we don't just come out and SELL you a pool. We meet with you to LISTEN to your ideas, evaluate the options available and determine what style and feel you are trying to achieve. After careful measurements are taken and an assessment of the area is done, an estimate is prepared, and forwarded to you.
Installing a fibreglass swimming pool takes a lot of work, but the finished product is a work of art.
To make it easy for you to visualize the process, we have broken it down into the following steps. We welcome you to contact us at anytime with questions you may have about your pool installation.

Preparing the Site

Before we begin excavating, we mark the area where your new pool will eventually be situated, and upon your approval, we will begin digging.


Now it’s time to dig! It usually will take a day or two to complete the excavation process depending on a few variables.


Fibreglass Shell Placement

The shell is lowered into the hole, levelled, and backfilled


We use high-grade pipe. It's designed to prevent leaks and deterioration. All the connections are solidly bonded and the entire plumbing system is tested and inspected for possible leaks.


A wide variety of options are available to you when selecting the coping for your pool. 

Pump and Filter

We will set your pool pump and filter and connect it to a timer

Start up

We will start up your fibreglass pool and equipment and add necessary chemicals to the water.

Complete Site Clean

The last step of the installation process is the cleaning of your new pool, as well as site cleanup.

Why choose Crazy Pools

You can trust our 15 year structural warranty because it's backed by the most advanced manufacturing processes and top quality more

15 year guarantee

We supply to the original purchaser a guarantee that all fibre glass swimming pool shells supplied and installed by an approved installation more

Why fibreglass pools

Fibreglass Swimming Pools continue to gain market share and market acceptance to the point where it is considered the modern choice in the domestic swimming pool more

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