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POOLCURE was developed for treating swimming pools as an alternative to chlorine. Chlorine is a very good oxidizing agent with excellent anti-bacteria properties. However the American Medical Journal point out that all relevant research confirms that chlorine is not a healthy, beneficial product. Skin allergies can be traced back as chlorine related problems.


POOLCURE was developed because of the excellent anti bacterial and anti-fungal properties. In addition to this POOLCURE will not burn your eyes when swimming, neither will it irritate your skin. POOLCURE will not break down but will stay active as long as there are impurities to react with.



One litre of POOLCURE will treat 50 000l of swimming pool water. For first time users it is recommended to double the initial dosage. E.g. for 50 000l swimming pool you will need 2 litres of POOLCURE.

Before adding  any chemical to your pool, set your filter on circulate. This will enhance the mixing and will speed-up the affectivity of the chemical.

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